Fleur, Lolita, Engel, Gothic

Welcome to my garden

~ Nice to meet you ~

I am yueri_san Y
I am 20 years old girl from Canada.
I speak french and english ~

I am a graduated fashion design student now,
and I will enter university soon in Japanese Studies and History.

I have a passion for gothic lolita fashion since 5 years now.
I started in the fashion by discovering Mana 様, Malice Mizer and the Gothic&Lolita Bible.
I would like to work in the artistic world, such as design and music.
I love to discover many cultural, historical things and new languages, I would like
to make friends from the world.

I am a shy person, and I think a lot.

I say without hesitation what I think about people, but very often in a constructive way.
People who are mean, deserve that we get mean toward them, though.

Last year was my last year of Fashion Desing school and my final project was
my beloved gothic lolita collection
~ Fleur Engel ~

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Most of my entries will be friends only ~